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Using Design Thinking And Brain Science, I Guide People To Explore Ideas, Strategies To Solve Challenges And Deliver Innovation...



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Do You Struggle With...

Aligning business objectives across cross-functional teams?

Unclear goals as project scope frequently changes?

Being stuck in loops of endless internal discussions?

Loss of enthusiasm and focus due to long product development cycles?

Innovation and knowing how or where to start?

Software companies burning through your budget too fast?

Then I Can Help You

I'll show you how to learn about the challenge without building and launching, so you won't burn through your budget, developing a product, feature, or finding out that your customers don't connect with your value proposition.

Find answers fast by investing in a week-long Design Sprint leading to informed decisions based on real data and feedback.

  • Independent Design Thinking And Innovation Consultant
    For over a decade, I've been helping Fortune 500 Brands, StartUps to Entrepreneurs to research, ideate, workshop, validate, and design numerous B2C, B2B, SaaS, Apps, products and services.

  • Powerful Communicator And Facilitator
    I've effectively interacted and facilitated communication in person or remotely across the globe. I love multi-cultural experiences as they significantly shape my unique and resourceful problem-solving approach.

  • Infinitely Curious Explorer
    I push my limits with solo adventure travel around the world. I've even backpacked to Antarctica because I enjoy the challenge of connecting the seemingly invisible dots to make things happen.

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Zuzana Dobro - Customer Experience Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with Zuzana for two years where she led design work across a number of our products during this period. Zuzana loves the challenge of high levels of complexity.

Her strength is her ability to break down the complexity whilst painting a picture of the long term vision. With her positive energy, and can-do mentality she brings trust and leadership.

I'd work with Zuzana anytime!
Manon Van der Velde
VP Product at LexisNexis
I have worked with Zuzana on multimillion-dollar campaigns to launches of beta products.

She is a great listener and has been extremely helpful in a number of challenges we had with clients and is able to see the big picture.

She works extremely well with everyone, from strategy to development.
I would definitely recommend Zuzana for her great work!
Laure Philippoteau
EU Sustainability Manager at Amazon
I absolutely loved working with Zuzana.

Not only can she make beautiful designs but she understands interactivity very well.

She always stayed very involved when I took over to code up the site or game giving great input to make sure it that special something that really impressed the client.
Jop Wielens
Independent Gaming & Innovation Director and Lecturer

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